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We are Clinically Current, a global team specializing in development of independent medical education.
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Many of our educational programs are accredited; the accreditation status and credit value will be clearly indicated on the summary page of each course.
For general inquiries about Clinically Current or course registration, contact Cally Clarkson.

Need help?


When users experience technical issues with our e-learning courses, we've found the majority are resolved when they try one or more of the following:
  • Update your internet browser to the latest version
  • Try using a different internet browser
  • Empty your browser's saved history
  • Reboot your computer
  • Apply any operating system updates required for your computer

Technical support

If those measures fail to resolve the problem you are experiencing, we are here to help. Please email admin@ClinicallyCurrent.com and include the following information:
  • The specific part of the site where you encountered the issue (e.g. the module name, or the internet address of the page)
  • Which internet browser you were using, and what version it is (e.g. Internet Explorer 11.0, Chrome 66.0)
  • The type of device and operating system you were using (e.g. iPad running iOS 11.3, computer running Windows 10)
Where possible, screen shots are also very helpful in showing exactly what you experienced.